Requesting Video Services


Please provide the following information when requesting video services:

  • Date, Time and Location of the event

  • How many cameras would you be requesting?

  • What kind of event is it: Dance, Music, Theater, Wedding, Art Exhibit etc.

  • What will the documentation be used for: Archives, Promotion, Grants?

  • Will you require any special editing or file requests?

  • Do you have a specific time constraint for receiving your videos?



Once a date and time is scheduled, please provide the following information:

  • Exact location

  • Length of the entire performance

  • Any special request or information about the work.
    Examples include: Dark or Bright lighting, Red lighting, Projections, Surprise entrances,
    Audience involvement etc.

  • Send an emailed digital program to:

  • In some cases a sign contract will need to be signed.



After the performance has been recorded:

  • Videos should be received within 3-weeks from the performance.

  • A Vimeo link will be provided under private or password protected link.